3 Free Mobile Phone Tracking Software

GPS unit is a simple technique of commuting. But there are some other uses are also there like parents uses to watch children, friend’s uses to stay with other’s associates, and Travelers uses to find local details and directions where they are.

Mobile phone tracking or GPS tracking is a procedure through which working cell phone is noticed and restricted on world. First Cell phone tracking system detects near phone, estimates distance among them, and it interrupts signals among near antenna towers to make exact estimate. Gadgets such as Apple’s iPhone 3G and T-Mobile’s G1 bring cell phone GPS tracking and applications straight to people’s pockets. And with correct software have free GPS cell phone tracking.

Free cell phone tracking solution – Mologogo
Mologogo offers free cell phone tracking pledge for handset.

It shows friends and sends alert when friends are nearby, find points of interest, and show traffic and weather updates. Mologogo permits anybody with GPS enabled phone to be tracked if phone is ready. Essentially user downloads software to phone which in turn sends updates to Mologogo website which tracks cell phone and shows updates as to where cell phone is.

Another FREE cell phone tracking service – LocateA.net
LocateA rotates Java permitted mobile phone, running Windows in to personal time tracking resolution, which permits to track public and it’s free. With it you can follow public taking mobile phone you have registered with service.

Free GPS Cell Phone Tracking Software – BuddyWay
BuddyWay is free GPS track maker for mobile that allows tracking mobile phone or PDA with essential GPS in real time.

It allows to track GPS enabled phone in real-time online. Also setup alerts on favored regions and obtain alerted when near.