5 Important Tips For Website Design

Building a good and attractive website is a crucial step towards a successful online business. Close attention should be paid to the website design aspect to ensure that your site is visitors friendly and can perform optimally. While the design of your website is entirely up to you, here are 5 tips you can use to make sure that your website will be able to serve its purpose well.

1. Have a clear navigation

Make it easy for your visitors to navigate around you site with straightforward navigation menus. You website could be visited by many different type of visitors some of which may not be internet savvy. Let them know where to go next by providing appropriate button where needed, for example at the end of every page. Let them know where they are at all times and make sure they can find their way back to the home page. Keeping your site as visitors friendly as possible is a great way to get visitors to stay longer and explore your site for what you have to offer.

2. Choose Appropriate Color Themes

Choosing the right color according to your website topic is also an important factor that will influence your visitors judgment of your site’s credibility. Pick color’s that represent what your site’s about the best. I don’t think pink would be suitable if your website is about heavy machinery, do you?

3. Limit Your Banner Advertisements

Banners can be great to add dynamic touch and income potential to your website, but you should try to limit their usage as even the least net savvy visitor may try to ignore excessive banner advertisements. Decide wisely where to add your banners and try to make it relevant to your content. Visitors need to feel that they want to buy at their own will instead of being urge to buy with excessive promotion.

4. Avoid Audio Looping On Your Site

Have you ever been to a website that had an audio looping in the background while you try navigate around and read the content? I find it rather distracting and I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me. The last thing you want to do is annoying your visitors with inappropriate entertainment. If you need to have audio on your site, make sure they can be control by the user by providing audio control buttons.

5. Use Flash Animation Efficiently

Flash Animation can certainly enhance your visitors experience, but not all internet surfers are browsing at a high speed connection. Some visitors may still be browsing at 56k and might not have the patient to wait for the page to load. These visitors could be leaving even before they get to see what you have to offer. So use flash animation efficiently or provide an option to give visitors a chance to view a “non flash” version of your website.

There you have it, 5 important things to consider when building your website. You can have all the great content and drive visitors to your site, but it can all go to waste if you fail to give a good first impression when your visitors do get there.