7 Apps that Pregnant Women Must Have in their Smartphones

Believe it or not, there are more than a thousand apps geared towards pregnant women. You can literary spend hours and hours researching which apps are the best, and how will they accommodate you. Well, to make things easier for you, here are 7 apps pregnant women simply must have on their smartphone devices.

  1. Pregnancy Sprout

This app is personal and customized. It gives info and images that adapt to your baby’s gender. It is easy to follow the development of a baby which is based on your due date. It will also allow you to scan your pregnancy at a glance, plus you can add your baby’s name as well. The app is easy and fun, and you can share your experience by posting images of your baby’s development with friends and family. Another great feature is that you can plan your doctor’s appointments, and record the answers given to you by your doctor. You can also get advice from obstetricians and mothers about all the things you will need while in a hospital.  The pregnancy sprout has a weight tracker, contraction timer, and a kick counter too.

  1. Wee Mail

Wee Mail app is here to give you the satisfaction of receiving messages from your unborn baby.  You might not realize it, but your unborn baby has a lot to say. The problem is, up till now there had not been a way to do that. You can set your due day so that the app corresponds to your week-by-week of pregnancy.

  1. My pregnancy today

This app follows you through the entire pregnancy with information which is evidence-based and accessible. If you enter your baby’s due date, my pregnancy app will turn your smartphone into an expert guide. It will give you an opportunity to see your baby grow with fetal images that were developed by medical illustrators.  You will also have access to a checklist which tells you what you need to do, and remind you of any possible appointments and more. The thing that is so special is that the app will give you a unique view of your uterus with 3-D videos.

  1. Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer

Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer is one of the better apps that track your labor contractions. If you wish to track when a contraction started and when it ended, you just have to tap, and the app will do the rest. It will keep track of duration, times, and frequency of the entire labor. The history of you labor contractions will be saved. You do not have to keep the app open the whole period. The app also gives you an opportunity to email the data to health care professionals.

  1. I’m expecting – Pregnancy app

This app will keep track of everything you or your baby are experiencing. It will give you weekly updates about the growth of your baby, and it will track any symptoms you might have and then compare them with the information of some other moms. That information can help you to get rid of some doubts or uncertainties you might had. It will also keep track of the changes you go through. If you take photos of your baby bump, you can easily upload them into the Baby Bump slideshow, and watch how your baby grows.

  1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy is hard sometimes to get a good night’s sleep. This app is designed not just for pregnant women, but for all those who have sleep deprivation . Just put on your headphones and drift away.  It has a calming and soothing effect. Just what a pregnant woman needs.

  1. Sleep Genius

This app promises to help people to fall asleep with some audio techniques. That probably sounds familiar but has a certain twist. It is more than just simple nature sounds. It utilizes composed sounds and music which at the end take advantage of scientific techniques which include “pink noise” and “binaural beats”. That’s the key toward relaxation and good night’s sleep. Pregnant women will see all the benefits this app provides. Even thought, it is not solely designed for pregnant women, it can be used by anyone with sleep disorders. It was developed by Fresh Consulting.

All these apps have one thing in common. They make people’s lives easier and add quality to our everyday routine.