A Computer For Children – Laptop Or Desktop?

Many people, adults and children, are opting for a laptop as the primary computer. Now that they have larger screens and wireless Internet connectivity, the mobility of a laptop is super convenient, even if you only move from one room of the house to another. But is it right for your child? What is the right type of computer for children?

The first consideration is your child is physical dexterity. Laptops are built to withstand some bumps, but if a child is constantly leaving it on the floor or bed or knocks it off tables forgetfully, a laptop is not a good idea.

Laptop Pros

* If your child is able to use the computer at school, then a laptop might be a nice choice.

* Takes up little space, so if you are short of space in the house, it’s a good choice

* If not Internet connection at home, can take laptop other places to gain access

* can work anywhere

Laptop Cons

* May need to take extra measures to monitor your child’s computer activities (limit computer use to certain rooms or times, limit where computer can go, install monitoring software).

* Can be dropped and damaged

* If not connected to a power source, laptop usefulness is limited to the battery life (typically 2 to 4 hours). The larger the monitor, the shorter the battery life, however, you can buy extra batteries.

Desktop Pros

* Almost always more computing power as a laptop of same cost

* Easier to monitor child’s computer activity

* Can use a bigger monitor easily

Desktop Cons

* Need to have space to set up computer

* Need to set up near Internet modem or expanding cabling or install a wireless card

There is not ultimate right or wrong here. The best computer for children is one that works best for his or her needs and what you can support in your home.