AI startup Anthropic launches Claude mobile app and business chatbot in a bid to bolster corporate earnings

In the latest bid to bolster its corporate earnings, AI startup Anthropic on Wednesday unveiled its Claude mobile app and an upgraded version of its chatbot technology tailored for businesses. The rollout includes two enhancements for Claude: the introduction of a Claude Team plan and the debut of an iOS app.

The newly launched Claude iPhone iOS app not only functions as a chatbot but also facilitates users in uploading photos directly to the app for “image analysis.” Previously, accessing Claude was confined to Anthropic’s Claude.ai website and third-party model libraries such as Amazon Bedrock, Hugging Face, or Microsoft Azure.

As per the announcement, the mobile offering of Claude 3 is available to businesses at a rate of $30 per user per month, with a minimum requirement of 5 users for plan enrollment. This move positions Anthropic in direct competition with OpenAI, which also markets a business-centric plan at the same rate. Nevertheless, Anthropic’s stride into enterprise technology could potentially pit it against its backers Google and Amazon, who are also vying for a share of business expenditure on AI.

“Today, we’re announcing two updates for Claude: a new Team plan and an iOS app. The Team plan enables ambitious teams to create a workspace with increased usage for members and tools for managing users and billing. The Claude iOS app is available to download for free for all Claude users. It offers the same intuitive experience as mobile web, including syncing your chat history and support for taking and uploading photos,” Anthropic said in a news release.

Claude Team plan

Claude Team plan

The Team plan caters to ambitious teams, furnishing them with an enhanced workspace, increased usage capabilities for members, and tools for user and billing management. It stands as the optimal solution for teams spanning various industries looking to harness the potential of our next-gen Claude 3 model family. This plan is accessible at a rate of $30 per user per month.

Claude iOS App

The Claude iOS app allows users to access Claude from anywhere and at any time. It seamlessly syncs with web chats, so you can pick up conversations right where you left off on different devices. With vision capabilities, you can use photos for real-time image analysis and contextual understanding, making it perfect for on-the-go tasks. And the best part? The app is free for all users, whether you’re on the Pro or Team plan.

The Claude iOS app is downloadable for free to all Claude users, providing an experience akin to the mobile web, including features like chat history synchronization and support for photo capture and upload.

Early testers have raved about the Claude app, praising its ability to aid in brainstorming, provide quick answers to queries, and analyze real-world images and scenes. Essentially, it puts the power of advanced intelligence right in your pocket.

The latest launch follows closely on the heels of the San Francisco-based company’s release of Claude 3, a suite of artificial intelligence models touted to outshine competitors such as OpenAI and Google, a month prior. One standout feature of Claude 3 is its capacity to digest large volumes of data—equivalent to the length of two books—and distill it into summaries, analyses, or single data points accurately. Anthropic asserts its applicability across various domains, from finance teams generating investment reports to engineering teams navigating extensive codebases or sales teams strategizing client acquisition.

According to Scott White, product manager at Anthropic, many Claude users have been accessing the AI models via the mobile web, prompting the development of the app version of Claude.ai. He indicates that an Android version is in the pipeline.

However, Anthropic is somewhat tardy in rolling out its mobile app compared to competitors like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has had a mobile presence for years, and Gemini by Google, available in both the Google app for iPhone users and its standalone Android app. The AI search platform Perplexity also boasts a mobile app.

Founded in 2021 by Dario Amodei, former VP of research at OpenAI, alongside Jack Clark, Sam McCandlish, and Tom Brown, Anthropic aims to harness the potential of generative artificial intelligence for significant global impact. Sensing the transformative power of large-scale AI systems, Dario, along with his sister Daniela, embarked on a mission to create AI systems that are not only scalable but also interpretable and resilient. Before co-founding Anthropic, Daniela Amodei served as OpenAI’s vice president of safety and policy.

Below is a YouTube video of Claude for teams.