Avoid Rogue Security Program SecureAntivirusPro

As you have no doubt guessed from the title, SecureAntivirusPro is a rogue security program designed by hackers to con innocent people. Disguised as a legitimate antispyware application, this program advertises incessantly to the user, informing them that severe security threats reside on their PC. This program in itself is an infection, and should be removed at once to prevent further problems from occurring.

You will recognize this application by its many symptoms. Annoying pop-up ads, a slow running computer and redirection of your browser are common. You may also see that your home page has mysteriously changed, or that new shortcuts are on your desktop. SecureAntivirusPro hijacks your browser, sending you to websites you did not intend to visit. Frequently, your computer will freeze up, or you may even experience the blue screen of death. These rogues are nothing to fool around with!

Where do these malicious applications come from? Usually, they are installed through trojans when you download freeware, music, games and other software. They can also come from visiting questionable websites. The user is not usually aware that they are downloading anything that could potentially harm their computer, as these files hide in the background.

If left on your PC, SecureAntivirusPro is capable of installing additional malware. It will also track your search queries, the websites you visit and personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers. It can really cause serious damage to not only your PC, but your personal identity as well. Remove this application at once when you discover that it resides on your computer.

Manual removal is possible, but should only be attempted by an expert. This delicate process requires complete removal of all related files, which can be difficult as these files hide from the user and are extremely difficult to locate. A reliable antispyware application should be used to insure that all infections and parasites are completely removed.

Legitimate antispyware software will scan your PC for trojans, worms, parasites and other security threats. It will then remove them, and restore security. For best results, use a program that is guaranteed to remove 100% of security threats and infections with only one scan. An excellent product will also protect your computer from future infection.

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