Best Laptops 2011: What Will They Feature?

Laptops today are drastic improvements over the ones we considered “high-tech” a few years ago. We went from single core processors, to quad core, multi-threaded processors. From the limitations of being able to run only a handful of applications simultaneously, to having the freedom of having more windows open than our brain can handle. Even storage, which use to be around 60GB, now is replaced by monster laptop hard drives reaching all the way up to 1TB (1,000GB)! If you haven’t noticed, laptop technology is exponentially improving!

What’s next? What are the best laptops of 2011 going to feature that the current machines can not? I’ve been wondering this for quite a while,, and it has me very excited. If you have yet to purchase a laptop, you may want to hold out until the new line of best laptops 2011 are released. (It’s not that much longer!).

Power Overdose

Today’s laptops are very powerful, some more so than there much larger, wires included counterparts that are desktops. You can expect even faster processors, and the SSD drive replacing the standard moving parts hard drive. This will result in much faster boot times, and less delay waiting for the computer.

The best part? All this power comes cheap! 2011 has cheaper prices than any year previous (think supply and demand). The Best Laptops 2011 are cheaper than ever.

Faster Wireless Internet

With the new wireless standard, wireless N, becoming more popular and ‘default’ in new laptops, it’s safe to assume that this technology will make its way into every 2011 laptop of the future. Personally, I welcomed wireless N with open arms! It’s just as fast as my wired connection.


2011 will feature at least one major innovation in laptop technology, and I’m being pretty conservative with this. Every year a company introduces a new features that becomes a “must have” once consumers discover it. Stay on the look out!

2011: Year Of The Laptop

If you are on the market for a new laptop/notebook, I strongly suggest you hold out just another month or two to benefit from the new additions coming to the best 2011 laptops.