Career Journals

“In some countries this kind of system does not exist, career counsellors can be think of creating this type of a system using the concept of grouping from other countries as a guide and direction for their work. It is most important for this type of information to be updated, relevant, easily accessible, and reflective of the nature of the work and reflect the current opportunities for students. For instance, many books and techniques are written in a way that assumes an individual will pursue only one occupation throughout his or her entire working lifespan.
Career tests and assessments are often used to impart information related to variety of areas, such as interests or personality style. Unfortunately, many of these do not translate cross-culturally due to differences in values and beliefs. However, there may be tests available that have been created or translated to fit the cultural context area. Colleges and universities mostly print calendars which describes the programmes offered during an academic year. It is useful to have this type of local, national and international information regarding various educational programmes that are available. Career counsellors are increasingly utilizing internet resources web based tools, management information system, database and computer assisted guidance systems. Through the internet, one can easily obtain career information from around the world related to his field. Kirk an official website for career counselling considers the changes in career counselling practices due to the impact of the Internet. Kirk provides information about career planning and job-hunting. In addition to providing access to the Internet for students, the career counselling centre may also decide to create its own website.
Some examples of career journals include the following:
African Journal of Education Guidance and Counselling Australian Journal of Career International Journal for Development Educational and Vocational Guidance
The British Journal of Guidance and Counselling Journal of Career Assessment
The British Journal of Education Journal of Career Development and Work
Journal of Employment Counselling
Canadian Journal of Counselling
Journal of Higher Education (India)
The Career Development Quarterly
Journal of Organizational Behaviour
Career Guidance Study (Japan)
Journal of Vocational Behaviour
Career Planning and Adult
Journal of Vocational Education
Development Journal and Training
The Counsellor: Journal of Nigerian Journal of Guidance and
Counselling Association of Nigeria Occupational Outlook Quarterly South African Journal of Education
Oriencacion y Sociedad South African Journal of Higher (Argentina) Education
School Counselling Study (Japan)”