Chamelo Eyewear brings the world’s first color-changing lenses to market

Chamelo Eyewear launches with its proprietary color-changing lenses and revolutionary line of electronic tint adjustable smart eyewear. Chamelo Lens Technology allows users to instantly adapt their eyewear to their environment, activity, mood, and style. The brand says that it is setting a new standard for customization and functionality, while offering unparalleled comfort and personal expression.

The smart eyewear line features a range of capabilities, including dawn-to-dusk versatility with instant tint adjustment in less than 0.1 seconds — 1,800 times faster than photochromic glasses. With touch, slider, automatic, and app-enabled tint controls, users can seamlessly adjust their lens color or tint for any occasion, mood, or weather condition. Here’s what the rest of the company’s press release had to say.

Chamelo glasses come with two breakthrough lens options, Dusk™ tint adjustable lenses and Prismatic™ color-changing lenses, alongside a growing line of frame styles. Debuting with three distinct lines of smart eyewear starting at $199 and ranging up to $385, Chamelo seamlessly integrates into wearers’ daily routines:

Prismatic Collection: Elevate your style with a single pair of glasses that offers four distinct looks. Featuring Prismatic™ color-changing lenses, the world’s first instant touch-controlled color adjustment technology, Chamelo’s Prismatic Collection lets wearers effortlessly switch between four vibrant hues to match their mood or outfit.

Chamelo is launching the collection with two captivating lens color ranges – Energy (warm clear, yellow, pink, orange) and Calm (cool clear, ruby, blue, purple) – and two frame styles – Euphoria (oversized rectangle frames) and Aura (rimless designer frames). With a simple touch, wearers can instantly change the tint of their lenses, from bright and energizing hues to cool and calming shades. Whether you’re looking to make a statement, change your mood, or simply want to add a touch of personality to your look, the Prismatic collection has something for everyone.

Chamelo Eyewear brings the world’s first color-changing lenses to market

Sport Collection: Introducing Music Shield, revolutionary smart sports sunglasses designed to elevate your workouts. With cutting-edge optics and immersive audio, Music Shield is the ultimate fitness companion. They are the first sports glasses with customizable tint—ensuring optimal visibility during your ride, run, or training. Simply slide your finger along the side of the frame until it reaches exactly your preferred tint level for your activity or environment — instantly switch from light to dark or anywhere in between.

With integrated Bluetooth audio with built-in speakers and microphones discreetly embedded in each temple, they deliver crystal-clear sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in music, podcasts, and audiobooks—all while staying aware of your surroundings. Music Shield comes in a matte black frame with Dusk™ tint-adjustable fire (red-mirrored) lenses and a customizable nose piece for a perfect fit.

Lifestyle Collection: Embrace modern convenience with Chamelo’s Lifestyle Collection. The Dusk series merges sophisticated design with cutting-edge functionality, featuring app-enabled tint adjustment for ultimate control. Choose from sleek matte black frames with Smoke lenses or vibrant navy/teal frames with Mirror lenses.

The companion app enhances your experience by letting you customize tint levels, save your favorite settings for quick frame access, take the lenses to even darker shades, and locate your glasses with a helpful buzz feature if misplaced. Convenience is cool, and the Lifestyle Collection delivers it with effortless style, adapting seamlessly to your needs.