Cheap Software Vs Expensive Software

There are literally thousands of websites offering cheap softare, but you’d better do a little research before you buy. Many websites are offering copied or pirated software that works just fine as far as installation and using the software, but you won’t get tech support and if you get caught with unlicensed software on your computer you could get in big trouble.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is active in over 80 countries around the world, has 11 offices around the world and is dedicated to ensuring a safe and legal digital world. It’s mission is to promote an environment of legal software sales and use to protect the copyright owner of such intellectual property.

According to them, of all the software that is installed on computers around the world, more than one out of every three are pirated copies. Software piracy is not just the sale of the copied product, but also the illegal use of it. In fact, just recently three companies in California were investigated and it was found that they had unlicensed copies of software. Below is the list of pirated software each company had and the fines they were charged just for having them on their computers:

* AccentCare, Inc. – Adobe and Microsoft – Fined $ 240,400.00

* Investors Management Trust Real Estate Group, Inc. – Adobe, Microsoft, and Symantec – Fined $ 235,000.00

* Global Microwave Systems, Inc. – Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, and Symantec – Fined $ 231,500.00

And not only were they fined the above amounts, but each company was forced to buy legitimate licenses of the same software for each computer they had it on.

There are places to get authentic software at cheaper than retail prices, but make sure what you are getting is the real deal or it can come back and bite you in the you know what. The sad thing is there are thousands of inocent people buying software every day thinking they are getting the real deal, but in reality they are breaking the law by simply buying it and installing it on their computers.