Custom Software

ASP.NET is one of the most popular products from Microsoft and not surprisingly many web development companies these days offer ASP NET consulting services. Active Server Pages.NET or simply ASP.NET is a web development technology that allows developers to develop dynamic and robust web applications as well as web services with the use of compiled languages such as C# and VB.NET. This tool has found favor not only among the website owners and end users but also among the programmers for it affords a simplified and automated programming environment. Hence, it takes less time to develop complex application using ASP.NET.
And there are other benefits for using ASP.NET. First ASP.NET applications have impeccable security system. This technology offers default authentication as well as authorization schemes for applications. And your application developer can remove, replace or add the schemes with ease. Moreover, these applications are easy to deploy. Deploying an ASP.NET application is also convenient and simple. What you all need to do is to copy the required files to the server without having to restart the server. Again, ASP.NET presents a flexible page caching output. It can cache an entire page or a portion of it. It can also cache page data.
SharePoint is another popular product from Microsoft that is used to develop web applications and websites. It offers a solution for sharing of vital data and information within an organization and hence offers an environment for collaboration. A SharePoint website provides a common platform for all employees of an organization to search and share organizational data and files. And as Microsoft entertains third party SharePoint development, many SharePoint developers are engaged in customizing the features and functionalities afforded by SharePoint to meet the specific requirement of their clients.
Custom software programming services including development of custom web applications using SharePoint and ASP.NET is offered by many web development companies. Although custom application development may require you greater investment, these application can serve your business interests in a better way. Moreover, you can lower the cost of developing the application by outsourcing your requirement to offshore developers.