Download Designing Software for Free

Graphic designing and animation software are a rage today after the success of major Hollywood and Disney movies which featured the latest and most advanced technologies. There has been a major surge in people getting involved in graphics and animation industry. To keep a tab on the demand many manufacturers are today flooding the market with a lot of creative software.

Now, let’s look at some of the best Graphic designing software that are available for free:

OpenFX 2.0 – This free software is effective for doing 3D modeling, animation and rendering suit.

This free software also supports plug-ins to enhance its performance and even with the default mode it can apply animations, explosions and a lot of special effects.

Google SketchUp 8.0 – This free 3D modeling program lets you create 3D models of houses, decks, natural formation, home project and woodworking project. This unique program allows you to post your finished work to Google Earth which would be an amazing experience for any animator.

Capture Master 1.0 – This free program is able to capture still images from the computer screen. With this free tool you can capture video stills, web pages and IM activities and use them later in your animated 3D work.

Picasa 3.8 – Most people who like photography must have definitely heard about this popular tool which lets user to upload and organize their entire photo collection with a few simple steps. This free tool lets you find, resize and attach pictures automatically to your online photo album.

TSR Watermark image – This free software lets you put watermark to your images to protect your works from unauthorized use. This software can also convert and resize images from one format to another with ease. With this software you can also overwrite already watermarked images.

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