Florida State Health Insurance

Florida state health insurance is the best solution for people who are denied sufficient insurance coverage due to their medial conditions. This is an affordable health insurance plan initiated by the Florida Legislature. The flexibility of state health insurance is far superior to the normal choices like individual health insurances and group health insurances. Most programs in Florida state health insurance provide coverage at affordable rates that can well fit the budgets of all qualifying Floridian families.

For people who have low income, Florida state health insurance has the Medicaid program that they could possible qualify for. Your local Division of Family Services office will provide the necessary information and the prescribed application form. Interesting thing here is the number of people who would actually qualify for this service but most people think they would not. The program requires filling out an application and providing some documentation about your finances. The policy issued by this program covers medical expenses of the entire family, including dental work, eye care, doctor visits, emergency care, and prescription drugs.

For people with children who do not get coverage through their employment, Florida state health insurance has programs to insure the health of children. One of the programs is the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation (FHKC), which provides private sector health care coverage to uninsured children in 24 counties using school districts as large risk pools. Child plans cover a full range of services from regular check-ups, preventive care, immunization, lab tests, to hospital visits and other related expenses. Besides, the State of Florida extends Medicaid coverage to children aged between 15 and 19 with family incomes up to 100% of the federal poverty level (“”Waxman Children””).

Florida state health insurance plan is also open to “federally eligible individuals” as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 (HIPPA). The act protects health insurance coverage for you and your family when you change or lose your job.

Florida state health insurance policies have been designed to give relief to families who do not qualify for highly rated health insurance programs nor have the ability to pay the expensive installments of private insurance.