Gay Matchmaker And Gay Life Coach Announces A New Way To Live 130 Years With The Use Of Supplements, Exercise, Meditation And Love

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

At age 35, Paul Angelo, Miami’s gay life coach and a gay matchmaker has still 95 years to live. Given his lean physique and a healthy lifestyle since a young age, Angelo is confident that living 130 years is possible.

“My father used to always tell me: your health is the most important thing in life. And since I was a young kid, being conscious of my body and my behaviors has led me to look and feel great every day without any health problems. I have never been drunk, don’t smoke and treat my body with respect. And I know I can sustain that for the next 95 years.” says Angelo.

Angelo arrived in Chicago from Poland in 1995 and has lived in the U.S. since then. Angelo’s education started with DePaul university in Chicago as a finance major and expanded into two masters degrees, MHA and MBA. Angelo’s professional career involved working as a personal trainer, computer programmer, day-trader, manager and recently as a gay life coach and a gay matchmaker, teaching gay men how to start relationships and live a high-performance gay life.

“I believe that if you treat your body right, your body will serve you and give back to you” says Angelo. To live another 95 years, Angelo’s strategy is to always be on the cutting edge of knowledge about nutrition, exercise and physiology.

Angelo uses fasting – sometimes twice a week to eliminate addictions to foods and drinks containing caffeine and sugars. In terms of exercise, Angelo goes for long walks daily, mostly in the morning. During times of intense stress and high-performance work Angelo walks twice a day – early in the morning and before going to bed.

“Because I walk more than 360 times a year, I was chased by dogs, run away from raccoons, was thrown soft drinks at by teenagers, I was mugged, got soaked by rain countless of times and have gone through lots of shoes. But it is all worth it – I feel amazing every day and all my negativity is recycled into the earth every time I walk. And now I can afford to live in a safe place and no longer worry about being mugged.” says Angelo.

Angelo’s secret to the longevity mindset is meditation. “When I meditate I am airing out all the stresses and resentments that accumulate in my life. I can think clearer and my creativity and resourcefulness go through the roof. Without meditation I could not be able to handle all responsibilities and requirements of high-performance life.” says Angelo.

Angelo’s devotion to meditation started when he met with Ina Lee from Fort Lauderdale who has been offering free meditations to the public. Anyone can experience Ina’s meditations by visiting her website at http://www.MeditateWithIna.com or by visiting her Wednesday sessions in Fort Lauderdale. “I have meditated to a lot of CD’s but not one can compare to what Ina has to offer. Everyone should visit her sessions.” says Angelo.

“Today we know so much more about nutrition and exercise than 10 years ago. We know today that running for more than 5 minutes is bad for you, coffee drains your body of nutrients, sleeping less than 7 hours damages your brain and weight-lifting at a gym causes injury. One does not need to be an expert to go for a walk, join a meditation group, get organic food and find some friends to spend time with. Anyone can live 130 years if he chooses so.” says Angelo.

Angelo’s teachings are gaining popularity in the U.S. and internationally. His practice now encompasses 10 different countries. Angelo’s gay matchmaking service focuses on knowledge and learning as a way to meet high quality partners and falling in love. Angelo also offers high-performance group coaching for gay men over 40 who want to lose weight and achieve professional success faster than conventional methods.

To learn more about Angelo’s services one can visit his website at http://www.PaulAngelo.com