Get Smart movie review

Oh my Gosh! I didn’t think anyone could do a better job on the old television show, Get Smart, but I was wrong. Steve Carell was hilarious as Maxwell Smart. He kept the straight face perfectly as he was stumbling through becoming an agent in the field. He kept the old flame alive and well between him and agent 99 just like the original series did while giving the characters a more modern slant. I got some great Direct Star TV deals online the other day so I decided to check out “Get Smart!”

The scene where Maxwell Smart was so excited and doing the happy dance about becoming an agent finally after waiting so long was great. He had no idea that everyone could still hear and see him in his bubble of invisibility. Another moment that struck me as funny and close to the series was when agents Smart and 99 were dangling from a rope next to a building and Smart is trying to save them from what he thought was a drop to their death. In reality it was only about a foot and agent 99 had to break the news to him.

Agent Maxwell Smart’s jail break was pretty good to when they thought he was a double agent. I love his two geeky friends who help him escape. Dwayne Johnson, the rock, was a big surprise in this film. I didn’t even know he was in this film and was stunned when his character comes in to the office all cocky and sure of himself. He stunned me at the end and Steve Carell was absolutely fantastic as agent Maxwell Smart in Get Smart. A very entertaining movie.