Gold Calculator – Is the Price Worth the Weight?

A gold calculator plays a vital role in helping you find the gold carat. Your gold will have this weight engraved onto its surface which can be read only with the help of a magnifying glass. Jewelers often use this calculator to weigh in grams. This calculator works well only with items made out of solid gold like jewelry, tooth filling or coins. However finding out the value of gold plated item with this calculator is next to impossible. Remember this calculator is for solid gold items such as coins to jewelry or even gold tooth fillings. However, remember that plated items will not work with this calculator due to fact this works on the base of the weight of the item and gold plated items will include the weight of the non-gold sections of the item making it not accurate to the buyer or the seller. This calculator provides you the accurate weight of your solid gold items in ounces.In order to convert it into grams it then divides it by 311.The purity of gold is then found out by diving the known gold carat value by 24.

Many intend to sell off their gold scraps. The calculator proves beneficial and helps you get the exact value of your gold. The price of this valuable resource has been sky touching since the year 2002.So you can get the best price for your gold only if you know its actual weight. The term carat is actually a scale that reveals the how pure is your metal. The higher the value, the more pure is your gold item. Usually the value goes on as, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 24.If you have solid gold that weighs more than 10, then you will get a good value for it in the market.