Good Web Design and Programming Is SEO Friendly

Creating a visually and commercially lucrative website is perhaps the single most important thing that web programming requires. If you own a business which has an active presence on the internet, you will instantly relate to this fact but if you are one of the hundreds of struggling website owners who have failed to garner an authority on the internet in their business domain, then its time you reordered your priorities. How can you as a business owner make your website more effective in generating business? Before asking for the solution of this problem, you should consider whether the programming on your website has been done keeping the search engines in mind or not and this aspect is also referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO).

With competition rising dramatically on the internet, web programming requires efficient coding that makes the website easily readable by search engine spiders because search engines are what most users use to search for products and services. The higher your website on the search engine results of say Google, the better your traffic and consequently, sales.

To make your job easier, here are 5 important tips for SEO Friendly Web Designing and programming that can help you get better results on the search engine results. Although these are not enough to get you to the top, but they can definitely help you get started.

Keyword rich content and titles – Search engine spiders pay heed to the density of certain keywords in the content of your site which determines the importance of that word on a webpage. Ensure the best possible use of relevant keywords with lots of variations in the content of your website. Some say that titles are given more weightage compared to the rest so warrant that the titles are keyword rich.

2. Properly formatted images – Images are not easily readable by spiders so ensure that all the images are properly defined through ‘alt’ tags and a short description near it.

3. Optimum HTML coding – Programming a website through Frontpage or Dreamweaver adds superfluous scripting codes which harm the site. Ensure that you have used optimum HTML coding which is globally validated and displays properly on all popular web browsers.

4. Minimum use of Flash, Javascript and other graphics – Even though extra graphics are visually appealing, make judicious use of them as they hinder search engine indexing. If you have to include them in your website, try to place them in such a way that your content is not blocked.

5. Unnecessary frames, tables are Search engine unfriendly – Yet another harmful technique which prevents good SEO web designing, tables and frames break up the web design code and should not be used.

These are just some tips to improve your search engine rankings. Remember that a site which has plenty of visual appeal will help it draw and hold traffic, but before that it is also important that your website is found by this ‘traffic’ on the search engines. Hence, good web design requires good programming for successful SEO and business profits.