Health Insurance Marketing

Of all types of insurance, health insurance is the most controversial because of the conflict between the insurance company’s need to remain afloat and the customer’s need to have insurance. Insurance companies’ commissions on health plans are very low, thus some companies struggle to make a profit. It used to be that the premiums paid by younger, healthy clients were low compared to those paid by elderly clients. The reason for this was so that the insurance company could sustain the output in claims of the elderly clients. However, these days, the premiums are the same for a completely healthy young adult as they are for an elderly man who just had by-pass surgery.

Since we are already dealing with this kind of scenario, what we can do now is change the public’s perception of it. Connect yourself with companies whose employees need a health plan. Go to crowded areas and advertise. Give out flyers and hang banners. Offer free medical check ups upon signing up. Give the public a chance to like you and the insurance company you are representing. If you’ve done this already, sustain the relationship.

Listen to what people have to say. Once common complaint is that insurance companies do not announce that they have increased the rates of their insurance premiums. This defeats the purpose of giving that extra service to the customers. Inform them in advance and let them know why there is a need for an increase.

Do not charge people different rates. This gives them the feeling that they are being fairly untreated and that the insurance companies are just after the profit and not the welfare of its customers.

When a claim is made, particularly for a very sizeable amount, help out in processing the paperwork. Do not let bureaucracy eat up the service so that the one making the claim will just eventually give up. This used to be a common practice in the insurance business and should never be repeated.

And lastly, try to help out those self-employed individuals who are applying for health insurance. Complaints about not being able to accommodate the self-employed are common because health insurance companies are too busy accommodating those employer-sponsored clients. Remember, those self-employed individuals may eventually strike it big. Or maybe they are already big and are just fishing for an efficient health insurance company.