How to Clean the Laptop Fan by Yourself

All the Laptop repair services are not totally created equal. The exact same computer repairing can vary a lot from model to model. The computer has several heat fans and sinks which will cool the processor when it works. These sorts of areas is easy to collect the dust, and the dust makes the computer have to work harder when functioning.

The laptop’s fan is crucial in keeping the laptop cool. The laptop fan may reduce the chance of your machine over-heating. You could save money by learning the method of cleaning the laptop fan without needing to take them to a laptop repair or replacement parts store. Why pay the money when you are able to clean the laptop’s fan yourself. The following are a few of steps for cleaning the laptop fan.

Step one Turn off your laptop and unplug battery. It is crucial that you do not try to clean the laptop fan with laptop turning on or battery plugging in. It will only make you to destroy the laptop and to risk the electrical shock or injury.

Step two The second step is to remove the RAM cover. It is generally located just near battery compartment. Remove screws and lift the RAM cover slowly. One important point to remember is the place where you should put the screws when you take them out. Just remember never forcing the RAM cover off the laptop. If it just does not want to come off, carefully look at the area, find what is the problem.

Step three It is the time to remove fan screws, once you get the RAM cover totally off the laptop. remove the fan screws carefully one by one. Then put the screws in the separate snack baggie in order to not mixing them up.

Step four The next step is wiping gently and use the compressed air on the blades of laptop fan.