HP Laptop Docking Stations – Desktop Functionality With Laptop Portability

High-tech devices are so in nowadays. It’s certain that all of us have at least one of these gadgets. Laptops are some trendsetters in the technological era, and they are very satisfactory when it comes to handiness and functionality. However, there are times when you just have to go back to desktop technology so you can access various hardware devices easier. This was made simply by the introduction of the laptop docking station, which lets you turn your laptop into a desktop anytime, anywhere.

Although laptops are extremely functional, they can’t really replace all the features of desktops. The small keyboards are one down side of laptops, and even if you could bring your netbook anywhere you want, it’s frustrating to type on that tiny keyboard that makes you press two letters at once. There are also fewer firewire ports and access points on laptops, and several media sources and hardware are mostly inaccessible to these handy devices like printers, CD’s, scanners, and many others. What then would you have to do to access these devices? Should you buy a desktop as well?

That’s a very impractical move. But if you have an HP laptop, then you won’t have problems with desktop features and connectivity. Docking stations have been developed by HP for the specific purpose of making laptops accessible to all computer appendages, similar to desktop functionality. HP engineered their docking stations for their product line of laptops, notebooks, tablet PC’s, and mobile workstations.

HP designed the basic docking station to be compatible for almost all of its laptop models including netbooks, mobile workstations, and tablet PC’s. It has all the necessary ports, inlets, and access points for several computer hardware like printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, modems, network connectors, audio-video jacks, and many others.

An improved version of the basic model is the advanced docking station which has more USB ports, an ExpressCard slot, and a MultiBay II drive. The prices of different models of basic and advanced docking ports vary greatly, but the model compatibility is the most important consideration.

There are also docking stations that have been developed for specific laptop models, such as the HP 2400/2500 series which is designed to pair with any laptop model with the suffixes of 2400 or 2500 in their model name. The dock is not as accessible as the previous two varieties because of its lesser number of ports, but it is very handy and good for travelling.

The most excellent model of docking stations from HP is the 3-in-1 NAS. It has complete features which make it very versatile and accessible for different media and hardware. It has the complete set of ports and inlets for all types of computer appendages, and to make it more functional, it has its own memory system which serves as a back-up for all the files that were accessed from external sources to the laptop.

My description for a laptop docking station is like a laptop-to-desktop converter, and even a 10” laptop can turn into a complete computer system through it. If you have HP laptops, I recommend you use original HP docking stations for added connectivity and accessibility to your gadget.