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Navigating through today’s job market goes beyond difficult- it’s down right scary. Pairing the right person with their perfect position is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. New York based Classified Solutions Group is an online recruiting service that’s making the search a whole lot easier.

The problem with most online job searches is a basic lack of specialization, forcing job hunters to sift through hundreds of positions in different categories, with no real structure. Classified Solutions has tackled this problem head on: offering market specific jobs in the areas of accounting, IT, financial services, engineering, sales and diversity with a user friendly set up.

You worked hard to get your engineering degree. You know that you are in demand, and that your perfect job is out there waiting for you. Use Classified Solution’s detailed search feature to help you narrow down the possibilities. Whether your engineering expertise lies in software, aerospace, or somewhere in between, there are major companies seeking your services right now.

And why muddle through countless hours of job searching looking for your perfect IT job? With the diversity of positions available in your area, let Classified Solutions do the work for you. It’s easier than you think- specialized portals lead you directly to the IT job page, where you put in as much detailed information as you’d like, and the right job literally comes to you.

Today’s financial world is laced with fear and uncertainty. There are more companies looking for qualified accountants and financial analysts than ever before. But who has time to send out countless resumes in the hopes that the right finance job will fall into your lap? Businesses are clamoring for accounting specialists- but which ones are hiring in your area? Take the question marks out of your job search with Classified Solutions Group- simply create a free account and upload your resume once. Then you can apply for only the jobs that you know interest you-in your local area.

Classified Solutions has been a life saver for many companies seeking the right personnel, as well. As your human resource solution, CSG can make sure you never miss the perfect employee again. Sales jobs can be among the toughest to fill. What if qualified, eager sales people actually came to you, without having to be recruited? Just another in the long list of diverse services offered by Classified Solutions.

Whether you’re a financial guru looking for the company where you’ll make the biggest difference or you’re an employer looking for your state’s engineering elite, let Classified Solutions Group pair you with the job or employee you’ve been searching for.