KeyPoint Technologies takes predictive texting to the next level, releases Adaptxt? Tablet Beta 1.0 for android tablets

Glasgow, UK (PRWEB UK) 3 July 2012

KeyPoint Technologies has enhanced their smart phone learning engine and developed Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 to extend their functionality towards tablet users. It is powered by Predictive Text2.0 and provides extremely accurate and relevant text prediction, error-correction & auto-correction inputs by combining the best of linguistics and artificial intelligence. Their impressive learning engine is designed to learn from Social networking websites, SMS and contacts as well. Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 includes a new split keyboard layout and repositionable suggestion bar feature that provides users with a fast and practical text input experience.

Adaptxt offers a remarkable number of 50+ languages and various industry-specific dictionaries. The tablet release for Android includes the following features:

Enhanced tablet layouts: Users can easily toggle between the full keyboard and the split keyboard which includes a handwriting interface in the center.

Split keyboard: Keeping the tablet size in mind, Adaptxt provides a split keyboard option that makes thumb typing natural and easier thereby enhancing the typing speed.

Handwriting Recognition: This is a bonus feature that allows the users to convert their handwritten characters on the keyboard interface into text. This experimental feature is developed to enhance users text input.

New Repositionable Suggestion bar: Heads-up and heads-down users can now position the suggestion bar up or down as per their typing convenience.

ATR – Automatic Text Replacement: Allows you to create shortcuts and assign commonly used text and phrases to it.

Quick settings: Features such as languages, layouts, suggestion control and settings have been incorporated in a single key for easy customization.

Adaptxt Tablet Beta 1.0 is now available on Google Play store and Getjar App store. All the add-ons available on Google Play store for Android users are absolutely free to use for a limited period.

About KeyPoint Technologies

KeyPoint Technologies (KPT) combines best of linguists and computing technology and enables OEMs, operators and developers to increase the quality of their text input engine across various platforms with reduced cost. OpenAdaptxtTM is dedicated towards developing a global, open, next-generation text input platform and standard.

Privately owned, we are headquartered in Scotland and have offices in India and the US. We operate globally serving partners in key markets such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with a passionate team of 100+ employees located in many different countries.