Laptop Cooler Pad – Can I Prevent Laptop Overheating?

For those of you who do not know what a Laptop Cooler Pad is let me explain. They have many names such as laptop or notebook cooler, cooler pad, chill mat, laptop cooling stand, notebook cooler pad, etc. Either name is acceptable to use if you are ever in a store looking for one to buy.

Simply put, they are an accessory for laptop or notebook computers that help reduce their operating temperature. This is their main purpose.

If a laptop’s fan device is unable to sufficiently cool the laptop, a cooling pad should be used. There are two types of pad; active or passive. Active coolers, with the use of a built in fan, move air to direct heat away from the laptop quickly. Passive coolers do not have fans and usually rely on thermally conductive materials or increasing passive airflow.

Is it beneficial to have a Laptop Cooler Pad? Well, let us look at a typical scenario. Over the past few weeks your laptop has been working a little slower than usual. In that time you have cleaned, defragmented, updated and done all you can to speed things up yet still it seems to run slower and slower each week.

What could be the problem? You have noticed an increase in heat coming from the laptop but figure that the internal fan should take care of that. You continue as you are and figure maybe your laptop has a deep virus that just needs removing.

A few days later a couple of hours into working on your laptop you notice the screen freeze up. You try to get things up and running again but then a blue screen appears. Uh..oh!

Bid a grand farewell to your laptop because your hard drive has just gone bye bye!

How to Recognize Overheating

Unexplained shutdown of an operating computer. If this happens for no known reason, there is a high likelihood that the fail safe software in the computer is shutting it down because the computer temperature is getting too high.
If your notebook or laptop has constant or excessive fan operation at maximum speed.
The laptop will work fine when it is idling, but will shut down soon after you start to use any software that makes the processor work.
Constant operation errors, eventually leading to the infamous “blue screen of death.”

If you have any of these symptoms then it is reasonable to assume that your laptop has got an overheating problem. What you need to do is avoid getting to any of these stages in the first place.

Get a laptop cooler pad and get one now! These things can save you a ton of cash in the long run. The average cooler pad is under $ 50! Many are even under $ 20 and are really good quality units. So it makes sense to avoid the above scenario, (one of many), and invest in a product that is essential for any laptop/notebook user.

Damage Caused By An Overheating Laptop/Notebook

Heat can crash your laptop processor
Heat can crash your laptop hard drive
Laptop heat can cause skin burns
Laptop heat can reduce fertility

When looking for a laptop cooler pad, buy make sure to choose one that suits your needs and also one that matches well with your laptop. What I mean by this is that if, for example, you are going to buy one with a built in fan it would be advantageous to find one that has the fan in the area of your laptop’s “hot zone”

Most “hot zones” for laptops are usually at the back somewhere so having a fan placed in that area would be perfect.

Also look out for cooler pads that have those little extras such as an additional USB hub, an on/off switch, removable fans, and silent fans or a tilting body, etc.

All in all whichever you decide to choose expect to notice a drop in heat when in use and also a longer life of your laptop.