Monthly Billing in Dynamics GP How to set it with no Programming and Integration

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Second method is placing repeating customer invoices in recurring batch in Receivable Management. Some customer may say – wait a minute, but receivable management invoice doesn’t support inventory item lines. If you need invoice to be itemized, then we recommend the third method – deploying repeating Quotes in Sales Order Processing module. Recurring Batches. If you expect billing to be done specific number of time, change Recurring Posting to that number. Repeating Quotes in Sales Order Processing. You should first enable transfer sales Quote to Invoice in Sales Document Type form. In SOP Quote you can enter multiple items, both defined in Inventory Control module and so-called non inventory items. If your organization is in membership related field or if you are selling services, such as public utilities – consider deploying Miscellaneous Charge as Item type. Create SOP batch, and key in or import via Integration Manager your quotes. Here mark Repeating checkbox, specify Transfer to Fulfillment Order/Invoice type ID, Batch (as you probably want invoices to be placed into separate batch and not be mixed with your repeating quotes). Now you are ready to transfer your batch of quotes to Invoices. If you have generic update plan, you may use VBA event driven scripts.