OEM Mitsubishi

If you were to ask me, I think that Mitsubishi is a pretty good manufacturer. Don’t they have good cars? I know for a fact that they’re OEM Mitsubishi Wheels are nice, and I think the cars are pretty reliable – I see them on the street a lot.

Anyway, the Mitsubishi Group is considered to be a Japanese business that consists of a variety of independent businesses that actually share the Mitsubishi brand, trademark, and famous legacy. The company was first created as a shipping company firm by a guy named Yataro Iwasaki from 1834-1885. Around 1873, the original was then changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. Mitsubishi has two parts to its name; the “mitsu” part means “three” & “hishi” means “water caltrop” – which is also known as “water chestnut”. Therefore, the logo has three little parts to it; which translates into “three d’s” .. but it’s not 3-D, how weird ..


The Mitsubishi Motors Company is recorded to be the sixth largest automaker in Japan and the seventh largest in the world.

Mitsubishi had first started making cars & OEM Mitsubishi Rims in 1917.

Right after World War II, the company had went back to making cars after it was manufacturing boats, aircrafts, and other cars for military use. At the start of the 1960s, that’s when Japan’s economy was getting better – which only means that everything else was going to get better as well. Mitsubishi Manufacturers were ready to release the Mitsubishi 500, which had OEM Mitsubishi Rims on it.

It was designed as a mass market sedan and manufactured to meet the new demand that customers wanted in a car. Within the time frame of three years, Mitsubishi Nihon Heavy-Industries was distributing an estimated 75,000 cars annually around the 1950s. After the Galant was so successful with the Factory Original Mitsubishi Galant Wheels on them, that’s when they decided to put most of their focus on the automotive industry. Now we have great Mitsubishi Rims AND fabulous 2007 Mitsubishi Galant Wheels .

Their logo with the three red diamonds is divided with 40 other companies within something called the “keiretsu”. It was somewhat related to the emblem of the Tosa Clan; which was one of the first companies that employed Iwasaki. Another reason why he chose it was because his family crest consisted of three shapes of rhombuses that were stacked on top of each other.

There was a shocking incident that was known to be “one of the largest corporate scandals in Japanese history”. Mitsubishi is known to cover up their problems in their vehicles. There was about four defects found in 2000; but four years later, Mitsubishi regretfully announced that there were about 26 defects that went all the way back to 1977. These defects included brakes that were failing, some fuel leaks here and there, and even some clutches that were malfunctioning.

Let’s just hope that none of the Mitsubishi Rims malfunction, just because they’re that nice.