Open Source Chat Software Solutions

Many software development companies offer open source chat software solutions. These software program enables the user to chat from anywhere at anytime.  AJAX Chat, X7 Chat, DSpace, LlamaChat are some of the well known open source software programs. These programs enable the users to send quick chat invitations to their friends, business associates and others. Easily one can chat with any number of people and set away messages. These days many open source chat software have the feature to save the history of chat for easy reference. These online chat softwares are used to create online discussion forums. They are generally written using PHP programming lanaguage and uses MySQL as the database. vBulletin is one of the online discussion forum software that can run on any platform that supports PHP. Apart from creating discussion forums these online chat software helps in creating an online community of users.

Some companies prefer to have internal chat software for better communication between the employees as they can solve their problems quickly through instant discussions. Further these chat programs can also be used for interacting with the clients. Easily they can ask questions over the Internet and set chat server software on your company server.

If you are interested in getting an open chat software program designed and developed then hire a team of professional who have the experience in designing and developing the open source chat software. Before you hire a company make sure that they provide you with following features:

* Demo

* Screenshots

* Features

* Requirements

* Documentation

* Support

* Team

* Localizations

* Credits

* License

* Download

* Source

Some companies these days offer with 100% chat customization facility as well.  Even the multiple language option can be set if you desire so. The administrator depending on your need can define the configuration parameters for the documents that can sent as an attachment.