Our Large Selection of Tools

We carry power tools from top manufacturers Makita and Hitachi, in addition to other tool manufacturers, to provide you with a number of options for finding the perfect tool for the job. Our selection of tools is geared toward both the professional worker and home improvement amateur and includes not only a wide variety of power tools but hand and air tools, as well. From power tools geared toward a specific industry to general use power tools, we offer various power tools for construction, automotive, woodworking, mechanic, carpenter, electrical, and a myriad of other industries.

Many of our tools are designed for medium duty jobs and a significant portion can handle heavy duty jobs, like cutting through or drilling into masonry, rock, or concrete.

Our large selection of tools is comprised of high quality, long lasting power tools and hand tools by various brands. In addition to these options are air tools and manual tools. Regardless of what type of tools you choose, we carry such power sources as generators and air compressors to accompany your tools. For power tools, Makita and Hitachi offer many options across the spectrum of tools, regardless of industry. Hitachi power tools , cordless drills, Hitachi saws, All Power America offer generators and compressors, as well as the accessories to maintain them. If you need tools to handle intricate tasks or to reach into tight and narrow spots, our selection includes many angle tools or tools like reciprocating saws for detailed, fine work. Power tools are generally divided up between cordless power tools and electric, or corded, power tools.