Samsung Display earns Pantone validation for monitor and laptop panels

Samsung Display is not only responsible for putting its displays in all Samsung devices, but they’re also in devices like the iPhone and other brands. Now, the validation of these displays is reinforced by Pantone validation. Here’s what the press release had to say.

Samsung Display announced today that its QD-OLED monitor and OLED laptop panels have received ‘Pantone Validated’ and ‘Pantone SkinTone Validated’ recognitions. This marks the first Pantone validation for IT panels, further recognizing Samsung Display’s superior color reproduction.

Pantone is renowned for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), the universally accepted color standard. Each color has a unique alphanumeric number for consistent representation worldwide across various mediums. Industries needing precise color distinctions, like product design and content industries like video and gaming, rely on Pantone standards.

To earn Pantone Validated status, it is necessary to achieve a certain standard by evaluating the color fidelity of over 2,300 specific colors based on the Pantone Color Standards. The Pantone SkinTone Validated status can be obtained by authentically representing over 130 skin tones in the Pantone SkinTone Guide.

“Samsung Display’s panels for laptops and monitors have passed Pantone’s rigorous test and judgment criteria,” said Lain Pike, Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing at Pantone. “This means the company can deliver the colors intended by content creators more accurately.”

Samsung Display earns Pantone validation for monitor and laptop panels

Samsung Display’s OLED laptop panels boast outstanding color reproduction using the precise colors emitted by organic materials. The monitor’s QD-OLED panel incorporates quantum dots to complete a pixel structure composed of RGB primary colors alone, allowing it to express accurate colors without interference from ambient colors.

Samsung Display aims to bolster its technological leadership in the burgeoning IT OLED panel market with this Pantone Validation. According to market research firm OMDIA, the revenue of the OLED laptop and monitor panel markets is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 64.9% and 12.3%, respectively, through 2029.

“Getting this Pantone Validation really showcases the top-notch color reproduction of our IT panels,” said James CHO, Head of Marketing for the Small and Medium-sized Display Division at Samsung Display. “As content creation isn’t just for professionals anymore, we’re aiming to become the go-to choice for anyone chasing accurate color representation.”

Samsung Display has earned Pantone Validation for its monitor and laptop panels, following last year’s validation for QD-OLED TV panels (55″, 65″, 77″).