Satellite Communication Electronics

The radio communication systems are built using a wide range of satellite communication electronic components. No matter, whether it is geosynchronous or low earth orbital communication satellite, information transmission is a common and very important application. Well, the communication or receiving and transmission of information here take place between the satellite and the earth station. The process where the information is transmitted to the satellite by the earth station is termed as ‘up-linking. On the other hand, the process where the information is re-transmitted by the satellite to the selected earth station is called ‘down-linking’. Since there is both up linking as well as down-linking involved in this type of communication, it is called two way radio communication. The term radio is included because the radio signals are the thing that make this way of communicating possible. Just go through this article in order to get to know about all important electronic components that are used.

Well, the radio communication systems of course use a huge list of communicating components, which is defined as satellite communication electronic components in order to make these things happen. The up-linking and down-linking processes are taken care by these components. Some well known components, which are commonly employed in all sorts of two radio communicating systems are such as a transmit antenna, a transmitter, a receiver antenna etc. If one of these electronic components fails to perform the assigned tasks, then it becomes quite difficult to achieve the task. In fact, the best way to grasp the picture of this type of communication system is be realizing the walkie-talkie. You would have noticed that in modern radio communicating systems, both receiving as well as transmitting the signals is carried out by a single antenna. In fact, receiving and transmitting radio signals is the basic and very much important function of radio satellite antennas.

In addition to these electronic components, there are also some simple components used for building radio communicating systems. These systems also use various types of electronic switches. The function of these switches is to switch on the down-linking, uplink signals. The switch on and off process will take place according to the destinations. The black-box is what helps the two way radio communication systems to identify the destinations. Those destinations with regard to the down-linking signals will also be identified by the black-box. All sorts of satellite communication systems will require electric energy to perform their functions. This is the reason why these systems are given with one or the other sources for continuous power supply. However, the structure or the format of arrangement of these electronic components will differ for each type of satellite communication system based on certain factors. One such major factor, which highly determines the structure of electronic components, is application i.e. for what purpose or where the satellite communication system is used. However, as mentioned before, in almost all cases, the component requirements for building satellite communicating systems will be the same.