Selling Wholesale Electronics

Here is what to look for when trying to find great wholesale electronics supplier:

High Quality Products: To make big profits by selling electronics, you need extraordinary quality of products. Unless you are dealing in used or factory refurbished items, you will need high quality products and packaging that contains instructions and original manuals. It’s well worth the time it takes to find suppliers with great quality items as it will save you a lot of time spent on processing those pesky refunds and dealing with annoying emails from frustrated and angry customers.

A Product Guarantee: Of all the thousands of products you could sell, electronics is probably one of the most potentially problematic. Your supplier should be able to guarantee all their products. If they cannot, then they are not a supplier you should deal with.

High Quality Service: You need a supplier who will deliver on time every time and will respond to any queries quickly and thoroughly. Only the very best suppliers will communicate with you regularly, even long after you have placed a huge order with them. Also, you should try to find a supplier with a strong personal interest in electronics and technology – the reason for this is because this will help when you have technical questions and will also help to ensure that they stock the latest products.

A Good History: For online suppliers, you can conduct a search on them on the Better Business Bureau’s website which can inform you if the website or company has had complaints against them. Look closely at the feedback – even some of the best websites have had complaints lodged on BBB but if there are many that are consistently about the quality of the products they offer, it’s best to take this as a sign that they aren’t a trustworthy supplier.

Where can I find the best wholesale electronics suppliers?

The best and most reliable suppliers aren’t always easy to find but with hours of hard searching and researching, you can definitely find some great online suppliers.

Google searches work well, but to really narrow your results down to finding only the best search for “award winning + electronics suppliers” or use other key words like “legit”, “trusted” or “recommended”.

To really make sure that you get the best possible suppliers and distributors, use a reputable online supplier directory. The best of these are regularly updated and list only trusted suppliers.

To find local suppliers, you can try visiting local trade fairs or simply pull out your Yellow Pages and looking for manufacturers, suppliers or wholesalers near you.