TinyOwl – Food Ordering Application Which Will Help You Order Food Online

IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! In the era of constantly getting strangled in hectic schedules, one ignores his/her nutrition which may cause adverse effects in the long run. Thus, a balanced diet is what one needs. After understanding the problem of skipping lunch there are few food ordering apps available in market.

There are various questions that follow. “How would one describe a good diet ?”,  “How much time does it take to prepare healthy and delicious ?” and many more.

Well, for starters, A balanced diet is one with proper food nutrition. It is one which comprises of all nutrients from calcium to minerals, and protein’s to carbs. But with a good diet, follows the time problem. In a continuously busy schedule, one often finds it difficult to prepare such food and/or find good outlets in and around one’s vicinity

So many problems, Isn’t it?

But to every problem, there is a solution. That is online app lunch order.

An Android application designed with a mission to satisfy tummies by bringing food to your doorsteps. Having started up in Mumbai, we have now taken over the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Pune. We are increasing our presence across other cities of country as well.

At November 1 2014, TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd., having incorporated the TinyOwl  mobile app for Android and iOS users  And in no time, their presence is getting increasing and the virtual market by helping you take care of your food needs

Characteristics of this Tinyowl Food OrderingApp :


With the help TinyOwl online food delivery, you can select your favourite cuisine while surfing through elegant and lavish menus and that too available for home delivery.

THE Location Tracker:

The TinyOwl app detects your location and is sure to surprise you with a list of all restaurants in your vicinity. You may either to dine in or order from the listed restaurants and in no time, intricacies shall reach your abode.


Payment options are aplenty. Online Food Deliveryapp offers you the flexibility to pay the way you find most suitable. It allows you to order food either through your debit or credit cards or pay through the cash on delivery option. Whichever option you find convenient !

Past orders and Current Orders

Our app saves not only your address and debit and/or credit card details securely but also your precious time. We save you from the hassle of not having to type the same details, every time you use the app for ordering food.

And you can re-order your last order, in just a single tap !

NO Hidden Charges:

Instead, our wonderful app shall suggest you a wide array of exclusive offers and deals. We’ve always wanted you to make the most out of each penny you spend.


The TinyOwlonline food app aims to aggrandize your dining experience. We wish to make each experience count and hope it becomes a good memory in the book of your lives. We’ve always wanted to make food ordering an easy and effortless job for all by innovating the modern food ordering process. The app has already marked its name in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune and the day won’t be far when we’ll be serving denizens of our nations in each and every nook and corner. So, don’t forget to download the TinyOwl app for your smart phone and get awesomecuisines at your doorstep