Upwork and OpenAI Forge New Partnership to Link Businesses with AI Specialists

Upwork has joined forces with AI powerhouse OpenAI with an initiative named “OpenAI Experts on Upwork,” which promises to give businesses direct access to top-tier professionals skilled in harnessing OpenAI’s cutting-edge technologies.

For small business owners, this partnership presents a two-fold advantage. Firstly, it simplifies sourcing and securing AI experts adept with platforms like OpenAI API. Secondly, it underscores the evolving landscape of opportunities within the gig economy as technology giants actively seek collaboration.

Upwork’s vast marketplace has historically been pivotal to OpenAI’s in-house innovation. Observing the seamless talent acquisition, OpenAI recognized the potential of connecting its clientele to Upwork’s reservoir of expertise. This realization was the catalyst for the collaboration. Both firms meticulously mapped out common OpenAI applications – from crafting apps backed by large language models to fine-tuning AI models with a focus on ethical AI – and the associated skill sets.

An intriguing aspect of the “OpenAI Experts on Upwork” is its stringent pre-vetting mechanism. This ensures that only top-tier professionals boasting verified skills and tangible experience make the cut. Clients can either opt for one-on-one consultations or take the project-based contract route.

Positioned as an extension of Upwork’s AI Services hub, the program also spotlights new beta features designed to boost efficiency and outcomes on the platform. The underlying objective remains to connect businesses, regardless of their scale, with global AI talent.

Dave Bottoms, VP of product for the Upwork Marketplace, highlighted the broader implications of the partnership. “Partnering with a pioneer like OpenAI helps us deliver access to the specialized talent businesses need to achieve their most ambitious AI initiatives. We are thrilled to offer talented professionals on Upwork even more impactful opportunities and look forward to connecting OpenAI customers with highly skilled talent through OpenAI Experts on Upwork. Through strategic partnerships like this one, we aim to make Upwork the preeminent destination for AI-related talent and work.”

Echoing this sentiment, Aliisa Rosenthal, head of sales at OpenAI, emphasized the importance of knowledge dissemination. “Our aim is for our models to be useful and beneficial for everyone, and we are committed to helping people understand how our technology can impact critical work. Providing customers with access to a trusted source of highly skilled global talent like Upwork can help ensure AI models are deployed and managed responsibly, Rosenthal said.


For small businesses, this partnership may signify more than just technological advancements. It underscores the growing importance of AI in everyday operations and decision-making. With Upwork also unveiling AI-driven features like job post generators and enhanced chat experiences, it’s clear that the fusion of AI and the freelance economy will shape the future of work and innovation.