Web design and Development

Majority of businessmen treat their website as a substance of another world. They are not treating their site as a mere extension of their real business. Website is one more shop or office in cyber space. Therefore, it is important to create website which truly reflect main stream and characters of your real business. Remember that online shop and real business must work together. To achieve this goal you need to divide your website design process in some clear steps.
Identify the Mission
First of all you have to identify the mission of your project. You should have all concepts clear. You must determine long term and short term aims and objectives of your project. Think about the target audience of your site and device the functionalities accordingly. Website content must be relevant to the topic of your site as well as updated and fresh.
Design and Development
In this step you must prepare some prototypes based on the collected information. Design prototypes help you to identify area you are going to cover. Plenty of options help you to recognize the needs of clients and satisfy it. During prototype development you as an owner need to consult your design company for the style and size of your website. You can propose your vision, express your opinion and reach at common consensus. After finalizing the design coder will perform their work and development reach a step ahead and that is testing step.
In this step developers will test any bug for your website. They will perform testing frequently and in different conditions and environments. They will ask for your review and advice as it is important step for developers. You can give your views and feedback that will prove highly beneficial for them to take right direction. They will check your site on various platforms i.e. in Windows, Mac, etc. They also will check it for cross browser compatibility means it is working in all browsers over the internet.
After testing your website will be ready to open for public use but before doing so you have to take an important step of search engine optimization of your site. In business marketing and promotion is an important step and SEO is a powerful marketing tool. You can arrange marketing strategy at this step. Make content SEO friendly and insert your keywords in right proportion into the copy. Take care of Meta tags properly. Give catchy and keywords rich titles to your web pages. Insert description in all pages so it can attracts the attention of your users. All images should have alt tags so search engines can crawl it very well.