Wedding Industry is The Destination Wedding

A very popular trend in the wedding industry is the destination wedding. A destination wedding is essentially a small celebration that is attended by the bride and groom’s closest friends and family. The celebration and reception are held at this destination whether it is the beach or another country. Destination weddings are more like group vacations, and many times, they may cost less than a traditional wedding because of discount vacation packages that are available at many travel agencies.
Although it may be difficult for all of your guests to make it to your wedding, you should still send them all an invitation. Remember, while there are discount vacation packages available, many people may not be able to afford the trip or get the time off from work.
First, when you are planning a destination wedding, it is imperative that you spread the word with ample time since your guests may not be arriving locally. When travel arrangements are required, it is best to provide as much notice as possible. Typically, wedding invitations are sent out 4 to 6 weeks before the event and with a destination wedding, you may want to send out a “Save the Date” card as far in advance as possible. Anywhere from a year to two months would be advisable.
When considering the wording for your destination wedding invitation, it is important to include the full range of dates for the event. Simply say what you would on any other invitation, but remember to include the full address of the location. However, popular wording for destination wedding invitations can primarily be dictated by the location. Many couples use small, whimsical poems to introduce their guests to the prospect of the destination wedding.
A destination wedding invitation should also include concise information on accommodations.
This is common in traditional wedding invitations as well, but it is more important for a destination wedding because guests may have to travel and obtain lodging. So, if you have made special dinner reservations, blocked out a number of hotel rooms at the resort (usually for a discounted price for guests), or have made any other arrangements for other special amenities, it is wise to include it in the invitation. The general rule is to include a separate piece of card stock or stationary per each piece of information. Always include this information in the same envelope as the original invitation.
Because wedding guests want to dress appropriately, even for a destination wedding, it is important to include the dress code within the invitation as well. For example, if the bride is going to wear a beach wedding dress without shoes, it is a good idea to let the guests know, or to mention that something like flip-flops may be appropriate for the sandy and wet location. If the wedding is taking place at a mountaintop resort as a formal event, it is also a good idea to let the guests know what they should be wearing. This not only helps everyone feel comfortable at the event, but it also gives everyone an idea of what they need to pack.
When it comes to the wedding RSVP for a destination wedding, you must allow extra time for your guests to respond. This is why is it important to remember to send “Save the Date” cards and other important information out as early as possible. Remember, while a lot of planning goes into the destination wedding event itself, the guests have their own significant amount of planning to consider as well.
These important elements must all be included in the destination wedding invitation. But remember, because this is a destination wedding, a lot of fun can be had designing the invitations! Think about the location of the wedding and try to implement that into the overall look, theme, and feel of the invitation. A prime example of a popular beach destination wedding invitation choice is to include colors such as blue, yellow, and green along with a tropical design. Perhaps the invitations could be embellished with seashells or have a palm tree design. A wedding taking place on a cruise ship may have a sailing theme to it, adorned with anchors and nautical symbols.
Getting married in a location that is not local is always a lot more work than planning a wedding at home. However, a destination wedding can be just as magical, when the proper planning goes into it. The destination wedding invitation is the first glimpse of what your guests may be expecting at your wedding. Be sure to design them with the fun of the destination in mind, but also with all relevant information so that your friends and family are able to join you. Destination weddings allow you to be creative when planning the event and you do not have to worry about sending out any formal invitations. This provides many options available and it allows you to decide what works best for your destination wedding.