What Color Is Your Parachute?

If you are looking for a career change you will find reading the book What Color Is Your Parachute is a one stop guide to success. The reason I chose this book is because at age 47, I finally received my Bachelor’s Degree! What everyone needs to know in this new version of “What Color Is Your Parachute” is that to get a job in this era and in the future, the way to go about it is clearly written by the author. Bolles gives in chapter two some great advice including the reason why you need to Google your name. “Since 2008, or even before, there’s a new resume in town, and it’s called Google.” Everyone has a chance to join free social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others to create a great portfolio, business, reputation and resume. One big tip to do is research the job you are applying for! It helps to know about the company so that when the interview comes, you are prepared to answer questions about their organization.
I loved the flower diagram in the book as well as the many other templates where you can narrow down all that is needed to include in your personal profiles, portfolios, and the exercises that help you gain value to prospective employers. Chapter ten talks about making career changes with links and resources to help anyone make the transition. This is a great resource book to keep or give to a new graduate. I admire Bolles for his great expertise in the 100 best nonfiction books according to Time Magazine. So how do you get a job in a market with a slow economy that is currently taking place? Getting advice from authors, websites, friends, family or articles is a great resource but it’s better to reach out only to companies that fit your ideal career. Most important, prepare your resume to fit the job, with a cover letter and references. On a personal note I created a Weebly resume for my security career and it’s free! I wish to thank Blogging for Books for a free copy of this book in order to post an honest review.
Take some personality tests to find out what jobs would suit you best online.
Remember you are “interviewing” them as they are to you.
Never ever give up on your job hunting and it’s best to pursue a job that you have a passion for.
Jackie Paulson does professional book reviews for authors to help them by promoting through social networks like Amazon. In addition she has a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Business management and has owned an operated a barer shop in her past.
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