When Performing Task Management What Are the Features of Online Project Management

The online project management is done by the MS Project 2000 which is a premier software package used for planning and controlling projects. In order to align information which can be interpreted at a glance the digital help is sought from the software. Various templates are pertinent during the time of work progresses starting from the planning till execution stage. At different levels these sheets are shared. These work update and data is to be filled out hence the day to day progress can easily be assessed and the accountability can be positioned. Certain sections are there which can be personalized to make charts, graphs etc. Movement with technology is needed moving with times. It’s a good way to set example for others
There are lot industries which are famous for their timely completion of all their projects. It can be either the commissioning of new plants or the launching of new technology. When you read the study by McKinsey you can see that the timely completion of a project or a new product launch in the market is very important than budget overruns. These experts feel that a project that is on time even it is over-budget by 50% it will earn 4% less than an on budget project. At the same time an on-budget project which is six months late will earn 33% less than an on-time project. But there are certain industries are plagued with the problem of delays in project completion
When you are in the process of estimating activity duration, these project managers tend to blow up activity time estimates in order to make sure that the activity gets completed in time. If the activity has a greater uncertainty then the project managers tend to add more safety time, which may lead to a shift in the critical path of the project. In the process of implementation, they will then concentrate more on an incorrect critical path
Project termination is also done at times. The key problems faced by project managers are;-
• Sorting out the claims with clients
• Acquiescence with statutory requirements
• Delivery of final instalment of payment
• Performance guarantee tests
• Claims of suppliers are well handled
The term termination phase means is the formal closeout of a project after conceptualization, preparation, and execution stages. There are certain problems that are faced during termination which results out in laying insufficient emphasis on critical success factors, such as
• Project audit
• Contingency plans
• Inefficiency of proper communication mechanisms across the various phases in the project life cycle
Task management is actually a task and social leadership roles. The manager tends to require not one but two types of leadership roles; that of the task leader and that of the social leader in operations. The task leader works towards achievement of the task, but difficulty arises because in playing this role the task leader may irritate people and injure the unity of the group. It is the social leader’s role to restore and maintain group unity and satisfaction so that the task can be accomplished. Although one person can fill both the task and social roles, often they are separate. When they are separate, it is important for the task leader to recognise the social leader and try to form a coalition of the two leaders for improved effectiveness.
For the purpose of task management there are many software in the market which can be downloaded for free from internet. It is mainly a software which are used for group working through data base by number of people at the same time or an individually as the necessity demands. To track the work and update their work the people in the concerned project like the managers, colleagues, seniors and juniors use it. A project is generally segmented among different people but it is always been seen as a unit as the work progresses. The software is used to organise work, filter the responses through graphs, sort out data, fix reminders, append notes and other hyperlinks, prints out given commands, exports task record and tabulation, organize projects, and to schedule events and also to keep track of employees work time frame
If a task Management is accompanied by project and time management it can strike the aim of the company within the given time frame. Compared to the others the task management is more crucial than others since it is the elementary unit of work and any inconsistency at this level can turn the events topsy-turvy. These tasks has to be assessed at each stage for productivity for the project to move on with success.