A Note About CD Text

The mastering process includes encoding CD text that can be recognized by home and car stereos, but not by iTunes or Windows Media Player. If you want your album information to show up for an internet connected media player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player you need to take additional steps after mastering. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is submit your information to two major databases. The first database is Gracenote CDDB. Gracenote is used by media players such as iTunes, Winamp, and a few others. The second database is All Music Guide and is used by Windows Media Player. Follow the steps below to submit your information to these two major databases.

Gracenote CDDB submission:

1. Open your iTunes application. 2. Insert the CD that you want to submit. 3. After iTunes has recognized your CD, click on your audio CD and type in the artist, album, and track name along with any other information you wish to be stored on the database. 4. Check for typos as this information will be uploaded just as you have typed it. 5. Click the Advanced tab and then click Submit CD Track Names. 6. Your submissions have successfully been added to Gracenote. Allow 48 hours and check.

All Music Guide Submission:

Mail your retail ready CD to the following address:

All Media Guide

1168 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108

All Music Guide will take care of the rest. You will have to wait up to 6 weeks before your submissions are live.