Acer Ferrari 1100 – The Ultra Portable and Stylish

Acer and Ferrari partnership resulted in the production of Acer Ferrari 1100 Laptop. Ferrari brand name undoubtedly is above the other giants in the industry. But in Acer Ferrari the brand impression combined with style, design and performance has led the 1100 series to the top of the market. With 12.1 inches wide screen and 1.9 kg weight, Acer Ferrari can be justly described as ultra portable. And that does not end here. The design, the finish and its look make it ultra stylish. Acer Ferrari does not contend itself with being only ultra portable and ultra stylish, but also mounts to the envious heights of performance. With formula one cutting edge technology, it can handle the most demanding applications with ease.

Brief Features: · AMD Turion 64×2 TL-66 Processor · (2.3 GHz, 1 MB Cache) · Genuine Windows Vista (R) Ultimate · 4 GB Memory · 250 GB Hard Drive · Bio-protection fingerprints scanner for data protection.

The lid is finished in a combination of carbon fibre and smooth black plastic, while the Ferrari horse logo on top of it makes it highly appealing to proud owners. A wonderful presentation box, carry case, Ferrari brand mouse are the added extras.

The Achilles’ heel: Some reviewers have termed its performance as week when compared with its price. It failed to achieve the highest scored when benchmarked with other leading laptops at price point. Gaming and power supply or the two other marked issues which some reviewers has shown dissatisfaction over.

If performance is the only criterion and budgetary considerations are at fore front in the buying decision, they Acer Ferrari 1100 may not be the best choice. However, if portability and style combined with performance, and pride in having a machine with the prancing horse logo of the red Ferrari are sought for motives, then Acer Ferrari 1100 series may be the best choice.