Android Software Development Kit: Create Your Own Program With Ease

Android Development Kit

The new operating system developed by Google, Android, is flooding many cell phone’s and mobile devices. Today, Android has become a major platform for application developers.  Besides the operating system, Android also includes middleware and some key applications.

There is also an Android Software Development Kit that offers tools and application programming interface (API). With Android SDK, developers are able to develop applications on the Android platform using Java programming language.

The Android operating system provides an easy to use platform for application developers.  Android is capable of enhancing programs to operate on all Android-based operating system devices. If you want to develop a program with Android, access to an Android device is not necessary. Programs can be developed right on your computer. By installing a single program called Android Software Development Kit or SDK, you can develop your program through a phone simulator that comes with the kit. After installing the Android Software Development Kit you can start building your first application.

If you are new to Android Software Development, don’t worry.  Simply start with something simple and work your way up to more extraordinary programs like an Android Sudoku game. By reading the manual, you will learn to develop applications by gradually adding features to games. The book will give you suggestions as guidance. It also suggests ways to develop basic programs as well as advanced ones. Moreover, with the course book, you can also learn about many things regarding Android programming such as user interface, multimedia, and the Android life cycle. So studying the course book is a great way increase your Adroid application development skills.

When you work with an Android operating system and start developing applications, you may need to know computer programming. Computer programming or coding is the process of writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining certain source code of particular computer application. The source code is written in a programming language.  The main objective of the programming is to build an application that will perform certain customization. To continue the application building process, you will have to apply a method of source code writing that requires special subject knowledge, such as application domains, and many more.