Basic Rules Choosing Domain Names

Always be careful while selecting a new domain name, it is like naming a newborn – it will be known by it for the rest of its life. So make sure that you choose such a name that you do not regret it later on in your blogging career. Finding a suitable domain name is always an uphill task and takes quite a lot of creativity since these days there are millions of domain names that are already registered.
Keep these 3 things in mind when you are choosing a domain name.
1. Keyword Optimized
The domain name you are going for should have your keyword. A keyword in your domain name will give you a boost ahead of the competition in your niche before you even write a single word. A well-researched domain name selection can do wonders to your search engine optimization. So list out the top 10 keywords that are related to your niche then try to pair them up with popular search terms or prefixes. This will help you try out a lot of different combination to come up with a great domain name. There are also a lot of domain name suggestion tools on the Internet, where you can enter a keyword and they will suggest interesting domain names along with random words/prefix/suffix.
2. Prefer Only .Com
Go for only .Com domains unless you want to regret it for the rest of your lives. It is true Google does not really differentiate much between the TLDs (Top level Domains), however people do. You will much better off with a .Com domain if you want to earn a psychological benefit of your readers and eliminate any chances of a traffic level. Many people have the habit of typing the domain name and hitting ctrl+enter, the visitor directly reaches a .Com domain. So even if they intend to visit your site they wont since they have forgotten your extension.
3. Keep it ASAP
Here the ASAP does not stand for “As Soon As Possible” as it usually does. ASAP for domain name means that it should be kept “As Short As Possible”. The shorter your domain name the more you reduce the probability of your visitors to make a spelling mistake. A short domain name also ensures that you can market your blog better. But keep in mind that the pressure to make your domain name short should not cut out keywords or reduce simplicity.