Benefits Of Computer Games For Children

Computer Game industry has become one of the fastest- growing industries in the world. However, it also rises up various opinions of both its benefits and detriments for players, especially for children. Most of the adults whose children play computer-games think that there are more detriments than benefits with these games. Yet, a survey in UK showed that games help children a lot in studying and improving their skills in life.
During the survey, teachers, doctors and scientists were joining in the project and they all found that games give children many chances to express themselves, practice their skills and gain experience in solving the problems.
Nearly 90% of children from 11- 16 years old who said they would like to use games at school agreed that it would make lessons more interesting. However, those surveyed also said that they think games can have negative effects such as reinforcing stereotypical views of people. The problem which must be found out is how to let children reach out to the good effects of games.
What are the benefits of computer games for young players?
First of all, players can surely improve their computer skill. By using mouse, keyboard, and viewing the screen, children can practice their attention on doing something. They can manipulate with the key on the keyboard without eyes. They can observe any performance on the screen generally. Thus, not only in games but also in any other practice with computer, they can work well.
Secondly, playing games requires players to think and find out the best way to win the games. This also helps children to improve the strategic thinking such as problem solving, overcoming tough situations.
Thirdly, in some kinds of computer game, players can not play individually. They must co-operate together to get better result. Today, many games can combine high-tech toys such as voice changer software to help players gathering into a group or a community during their games. Each team or community can choose a distinguished voice by adjusting Pitch and timbre of this voice changer so that team’s members can easily recognize their partners or enemies. Such innovative tools help children a lot in discover the technology. Moreover, creating game community allows children improve teamwork skill which supports them a lot in their future jobs.
Children are not alike adults. They prefer playing than studying or serious job. That’s the reason why we must find out ways to helps them collecting information, knowledge, skill fastest and easiest. Let think about computer game, a useful teaching aid which has been proven by science.