beyerdynamic introduces the LAGOON ANC headphones

These are the LAGOON ANC Explorer, the LAGOON ANC Traveller are pictured below.

beyerdynamic is one of those audio companies that’s been going for many years. The company was founded in 1924 in Berlin, Germany and has been competing with the likes of Shure and others since then. Now, beyerdynamic is taking on the likes of Sony and Bose with its new LAGOON ANC headphones.

ANC (active noise-canceling) helps eliminate the noise often heard around you when using headphones. The technology uses an array of noise-canceling mics to help reduce and eliminate the noise one hears. They’re particularly effective on airplanes. beyerdynamic is a pretty proud company and is particularly proud of its new LAGOON ANC headphones.

The LAGOON ANC Traveller

beyerdynamic’s LAGOON ANC revolutionizes wireless audio by utilizing a hybrid of active noise cancellation with MOSAYC to eliminate exterior sounds, creating a powerful headphone designed for those on-the-go. MOSAYC sound personalization creates a new, unparalleled listening experience with the ability to create an individualized hearing profile in the MIY app. LAGOON ANC boasts incredible, crisp sound quality that outperforms other ANC headphones through the integration of advanced technology. Featuring Bluetooth® 4.2 transmissions from Qualcomm® aptX, LAGOON ANC is compatible with Android and Apple devices through the MIY app.

“LAGOON ANC features best-in-class sound quality, incredible comfort, and an extended battery life to create the ultimate companion for travelers,” said Alan Feckanin, Director Americas for beyerdynamic. “The combination of technologies included in the LAGOON ANC surpasses all other ANC models. The Lagoon ANC is another stellar addition to our lineup of high-quality audio devices our customers have come to expect from beyerdynamic.”

The LAGOON ANC’s Light Guide System (LGS) features colored lights on the inside of the headphones earcups to indicate the current status of the battery level, Bluetooth® connection, media playback, and telephone. Utilizing a built-in sensor, LGS automatically detects when the headphone is removed to provide intuitive indicators. LAGOON ANC boasts up to 45 hours of battery run time without ANC, or 24.5 hours with ANC activated. For easy transport, the LAGOON ANC features rotatable earcups for a snug and secure fit inside the convenient hard case.

The LAGOON ANC is available in two versions, Traveller (black/blue) and Explorer (grey/brown), and retails for US$399.99. You can find out more on the company’s website.