Brazilian fintech startup Vixtra secures $36M in funding to support small business importers in Latin America

Vixtra, the Brazilian fintech startup shaking up the import industry by allowing importers to use their cargo as collateral, announced today it has raised a total of $36 million in funding to support Brazilian importers across Latin America.

This injection of capital includes a whopping $30 million from a debt facility backed by heavyweights like Capitânia, Verde, Credit Saison, and Contea. On top of that, the fintech trailblazer also secured an additional $6 million in a seed extension, bringing their total to $36 million.

So, what’s Vixtra planning to do with all this cash? Well, they’re gearing up for some serious expansion. With a staggering 823% growth in the past year alone, they’re eyeing new horizons and aiming to broaden their offerings to better cater to importer needs.

Founded back in 2021 by CEO Guilherme Rosenthal, Caio Gelfi, and Leonardo Baltieri, Vixtra has been turning heads by allowing importers to use their cargo itself as collateral, a game-changer in the finance world. No more fussing over receivables or other assets – Vixtra’s got it covered.

Already boasting a cool $10.5 million in equity from heavy hitters like Valor Capital, QED Investors, NXTP, and more, Vixtra’s certainly making a name for itself in Brazil’s startup scene.

But they’re not stopping there. Nope, with this fresh infusion of funds, they’re doubling down on tech and expanding their suite of financial solutions. As Leonardo Baltieri, co-founder and co-CEO of Vixtra, puts it, they’re all about making importing smoother, faster, and more tech-savvy.

Their main offering? Import financing, baby. By using cargo as collateral, they’re giving importers a leg up in the finance game, freeing them from the usual hassles and empowering them to finance their own merchandise.

Guilherme Rosenthal, Vixtra’s other co-founder and co-CEO, is all about efficiency and control. With this investment, they’re ramping up their platform to give importers even more financial insights and control over their operations.

“With this investment, we will further enhance the Vixtra platform to bolster control, efficiency, and the generation of financial insights for importers,” Vixtra CEO Rosenthal explains. From the outset, Vixtra recognized the specific needs of businesses reliant on imports, including factors such as exchange rate fluctuations and freight costs, which significantly impact success. “

“We are thrilled with the success of this investment round, which not only validates our business model but also provides the necessary resources to strengthen our market presence,” celebrates Caio Gelfi, co-founder, and Commercial Director of Vixtra. “With these resources, we will be able to offer even more robust and efficient solutions to our customers and partners, thereby enhancing the growth and competitiveness of their import operations,” he added.

And let’s not forget Caio Gelfi, Vixtra’s Commercial Director, who’s positively buzzing about this funding round. With these resources, they’re gearing up to offer even more robust solutions to their customers, driving growth and competitiveness in the import world.

And the investors? Well, they’re pretty thrilled too. Carlos Costa, Partner at Valor Capital Group, sees big things on the horizon for Vixtra, and who can blame him? With a market that’s moved over $261 billion in the last year alone, the sky’s the limit for this plucky fintech startup.

So, watch out world – Vixtra’s on the move, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.