Business Advertising?

I am wanting to find out a great way to advertise your business( Websites,ETC..)
I want to help my Dad out because he tries so hard to get his business blooming but he doesn’t know the most efficient way to do it.
He still does it old fashion ways that probably get 0 views.
So please recommend where you can get your business blooming.
He does Electric, Heating, Air conditioning, and a bunch of other things. He does very fine work that runs flawless for years upon years… like 10+ years without a hitch.
Oh and i almost forgot… He pretty much beats 99% of companies prices.
$60/hour for Residential, $70-75 for Commercial. Plus material fees.
California only please.
Lots of Areas close or nearby (less than 10 miles from):
Long beach, Burbank, Riverside, San bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and a few others in the area.