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Cable television advertising bureau

Cable television advertising bureau

Cable television Advertising Bureau (CAB) has recently completed a new research project called “CAB Multi-Media Study,” which found that television continues to be a favorite among consumers.

This study, commissioned by the CAB owned and operated by Scarborough Research, the main goal is to answer questions on consumers’ attitudes and use of all types of media. Like other recent studies support a group of assets, Cable television advertising bureau, Multi Media Study “was a response to market demand for an instrument of research looks at six major media, including television, newspapers, radio, out-of-home, Internet and magazines.

Data focus on the ballots was counted to answer questions, including:

  • Which media is the main source of information on product categories?
  • Understand that the media are the best drivers of consumers to the Internet?
  • What consumers think about the different means of communication?
  • What are the qualities that best describe each of the media?
  • Measure the cable network for viewers between the programs broadcast on a number of important features

Research Methodology

The impact of custom research conducted by Scarborough Research for its unique methodology includes re-contact respondents of cable television advertising bureau, measured in the study that already syndicated consumer business. It was a custom cabinet damage to all the questions in Marketing Information and Media Policy, as measured by Scarborough Research. The result was the first battery issues media based on multiple media. Scarborough General in cooperation with the new research provides another proof point that the average consumer in marketing television debut in the national, regional and local level.