Car Insurance – Find the Best Deals Online

All motorists in Britain are required by law to obtain sufficient insurance cover. Whether they drive every day of the week or just once or twice in a year, if they’re not insured they are acting illegally each time they drive a vehicle, and would face severe punishment if they are caught by the police.

There are two main types of car insurance cover obtainable from providers. Fully comprehensive ensures the owner’s car is protected as well as any other vehicles in the event of an accident. Third party provides cover for other cars in an incident, but not that of the insured person. Naturally, the former will cost more than the latter in many cases.

The price of car insurance varies greatly from one policy to another, simply because there are so many different factors which contribute to the overall cost. For example, the make and model of the car will have an enormous bearing on the cost. It goes without saying that a reliable old family hatchback will have a less expensive premium than a flashy sports car.

Cars are segregated into insurance groups, with those in the higher sections being more expensive to insure than those in the lower ones. Categories can vary greatly, even with cars that are the same make. A Ford Fiesta 1.4 Style is in group 6, for example, but the sportier Ford Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S is in group 13.

It’s a sad fact that car crime is prevalent in all regions of the UK, of course, but the variance in levels from one area to another will result in a difference in car insurance costs. People who are fortunate enough to live in postcodes that have a low rate will pay less, while it will be higher for residents of neighbourhoods where instances of crime are more common.

Many insurance companies offer customers generous discounts if they opt to insure more than one car with them. A significant number of households have several vehicles these days, especially those with older teenage children still living at home, and the savings on policies can soon mount up, so it pays to look for a bargain.

In years gone by, paying the annual car insurance premium involved a large outlay of money, but that doesn’t have to be an issue in the modern era. Providers offer clients the opportunity to make a more affordable monthly payment instead, thereby splitting the cost of cover. It’s far more convenient, especially for those that pay by direct debit.

There are so many car insurance companies on the market these days, which can make it a little difficult to find the most appropriate policy at the lowest price. A simple look at a comparison website, however, can make the whole issue far clearer.

All the user needs to do is input a few details about themselves and their vehicle, and in a matter of seconds a list of tempting car insurance offers will appear on the screen. From there, making a decision is simple.