Creating Article Titles

A lot of writers give little or no importance to the titles of an article. Unfortunately when it comes to article marketing this can be a huge and costly mistake. A costly mistake because, if your article doesn’t have a good title then it will simply disappear in a sea of other aticles with the same theme. The titles of the articles you post on article submission sites must do one very important thing.
Your Article Titles Must Capture Attention
The titles of your articles must capture the attention of two distinct audiences. First, you want your article to capture the attention of someone considering posting the article on their website. You do this by making sure there is a keyword or keyword phrase in the title of the article to be submitted to the articles directories. People looking for content for their website generally look for articles that include the keywords they are focusing their marketing efforts on. If they find the keyword in the title of the article you can significantly increase the chances that they will add your article to their site.
Your second goal with writing article titles is to capture the attention of people who are surfing the net and looking for information. A short, snappy title or headline is one way how you can capture their attention and make them want to reader further. And hopefully follow a link to your website.
Ways to Capture Attention with Titles
There are a number of proven ways to capture the attention of people with your article titles. One way is to ask a question. The natural inclination for most people is to want to answer the question and find out if they are right. To answer this question this they will read your article.
Here are some samples of questions as titles:
* Does Your Heartburn Keep You Awake All Night? * Are You About To Get Married? * How Do I Successfully Lose Weight? * Does Olive Oil Really Improve Your Skin?
These short titles in question form can draw people into wanting to read your article and learn more about the topic in your article.
Another way to capture attention is by using a shocking title. If you shock someone with the title of your article they will be more likely to notice it and want to read more.
Here are some examples of shocking titles on similar topics as the titles used above:
* Foods That Can Ruin Your Sex Life! * The Most Dangerous People Carrier On The Market * What The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know! * Fountain of Youth Discovered!
The goal with your artilce titles must be to capture attention. Consider using questions or shocking statements. So long as you can back a shocking statement up with facts.