Do You Need Clean Room Data Recovery?

If you have critical data information that has potentially been lost from a hard drive failure, your options are limited as far as your being able to completely and safely recovering the data. Clean room data recovery is the most secure and viable option if your critical data needs to be quickly, fully and safely recovered. But, do you really need to go to the expense for this style of data recovery?

Many companies offer data recovery services that can provide a reliable recovery of your crashed drive. Whether it crashed from a power spike or has been damaged from a fire or water damage, most data can be recovered in various amounts. The difference is if you have business critical data or important personal files, clean room data recovery can provide a much safer and more complete recovery than traditional methods.

When you send your drive out to any company that specializes in “hard drive recovery”, unless you have personally seen or worked with that company before, you can’t be sure were they are sending it.

When you work with a clean room recovery specialist, you are working with a well qualified technician and company that utilizes high tech and specialized methods to recovery the most data possible.

Clean room data recovery centers offer anti-static surfaces, air filtration and purification systems to eliminate dusts and contaminates and fully encapsulated suits for their technicians to remove as many contaminates as possible from the recovery room. This will ensure, along with other methods and tools, that no further damage is done to your hard drive. While the cost may seem more than just sending it out to another company, you can be sure that your critical information is top priority for full recovery.