Elementary Mail Deliver Totally Fresh Concept for Sending Mail

(PRWEB UK) 5 July 2012

Only a few decades ago with the advent of Electronic Mail, the decline of the postal service seemed inevitable. But today it is well understood that the postal service plays a vital role in delivering the ever increasing amount of products users are buying online. According to a 2010 Connected Kingdom (BCG) report, in that year 62% of UK residents, or 31 million people bought goods and services online.

Elementary Mail is a new hybrid mail service that allows users to send letters, cards and gifts to any address in the world by doing nothing more than spending a few minutes at their computer.

The Company’s founder Henry Dudding explains why he believes that postal mail is still vital to 21st Century life:

“It could be argued that one factor in the decline of the letter has been the slow pace at which the postal system has adopted to change over recent years. It is no longer convenient or cost effective to buy stamps, stationery and envelopes and then hand deliver any finished item to the nearest post box. That’s why we moved the whole process of sending mail online, making it simple fast and affordable”

Elementary Mail put’s users back in the driving seat, giving them all the tools they need to create and edit Letters, Greetings Cards, Promotional material and much more. With a wide choice of designs users simply create each item to their liking and leave Elementary Mail to dispatch it the same day.

The company’s latest venture has been the creation of a somewhat eye catching and rather charming internet video. The video playfully explains all the key features and benefits the site has to offer, while at the same time remaining thoroughly entertaining to watch.

“While hybrid mail is a serious business, the aim of the video was to make something light hearted that people would enjoy” Explains Dudding.

The company has big plans for the future including the creation of a mobile phone APP which Dudding believes will make the whole process of sending mail even easier:

“A mobile phone application will allow users to send mail directly from their smart phone or digital device, potentially making trips to the high street for stamps or stationary a thing of the past” In the meantime Elementary Mail’s mobile friendly website already supports a wide range of web enabled devices for those on the move.

He continues, “The service isn’t just for UK residents, it offers a fast and convenient alternative compared with air mail for those looking to send postal mail into the UK”.

Elementary Mail is the perfect solution for expatriates looking to stay in contact with friends and loved ones, as well as holiday makers looking to send mail or even a last minute gift back into the UK while on their travels.

Users can also access a selection of letter templates ranging from CV’s to thank you letter’s, as well as an address book for keeping track of friends and contacts.

To send mail today, please visit: http://www.elementarymail.com

About Elementary Mail

Elementary Mail allows users to send letters, cards, gifts and many other postal items to any address in the world, without ever having to leave their home or workplace.

With guides, templates and examples on hand for a myriad of items, users simply create each document to their liking and leave Elementary Mail to dispatch it the very same day.

Elementary Mail Limited (UK) was founded in 2011 by the company’s director Henry Dudding, while studying at Hull University. For more information about Elementary Mail, please call +44(0) 0844 310 7092 or contact us by email at hello(at)elementarymail(dot)com