Follow the livescore from WSN.com

Football is taking off here in the US. I don’t just mean the gladitorial version that is found on Sunday afternoons in huge stadiums. The Barclay’s Premier League has become a Saturday morning fixture of mine as I look for entertainment while I begin my day. It is the perfect specatator sport as well. You know what you’re getting in two hours, there are no commercials, and the pagentry is unmatched. Best of all, you can follow the livescore of your favorite match online. That is what I did for Monday’s game between Manchester City and the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Of course, if you’re into betting you may not know a whole lot about the beautiful game. That is why WSN does a wonderful job of giving you the information you need with their online bookmakers It is the best to learn about football while making informed wagering decisions.